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Sally Mac Home Studio

When the TV room becomes the TV studio

KRIV Anchor Sally MacDonald co-anchors the morning newscast for the FOX Houston O&O from her new home studio which had been her family’s tv room.

Sally shared some tips on what she used and how the process worked:

“We downloaded LU-Lite and ops manager licensing.

You could use a web cam or if you want an external cam like we are using -you need a $100 ultra studio mini recorder adapter.

While I did not have a teleprompter, I relied on the rundown through my laptop. Shows were built where I said hello in boxes with the co-anchor and tossed to weather. I had 3-4 vo/sots in A blocks and would just advance stories on my laptop… adlib Intros and then read VOS. I followed along in the rundown and could adlib when on cam.

The other blocks were pretty easy – I was in boxes with my co-anchor tossing to pkgs or reporters or just switching off on VOs…”

Sally even had a live studio audience as her daughters watched mom at work!


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