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Information you might need on safely covering COVID-19, and story ideas you might find useful:

4/2/20 Update

Story Ideas

3/29/20 Update

Saying good-bye to a dear friend

Story Ideas

Well Being

  • NABJ Hosts Free Educators’ Webinar  Saturday March 28 at 2 p.m. EST for Journalism Educators and Journalists: Join here
3/24/20 Update

New Ways to Work

Story Ideas

Mark Alford Home Studio

Mark Alford- Anchor, WDAF in Kansas City creates his own home studio and a new show for kids

“I’m in the process of setting up a studio in my basement using old set pieces I dug out of our dumpster last year when we built a new set here at WDAF. No one has asked me to do this but I figure I’ll be ready.

In the meantime I’m doing a daily kids show from my home every weekday at two pm to give parents a break. I read to kids and take them on virtual field trips to learn about Kansas City history etc.
It’s all under the hashtag
As I see it, I have never taken my responsibilities as a tv journalist more seriously. We operate under the communications act of 1934…. in the public’s interest. The airwaves belong to the people. It’s our job to inform and educate them on the air. On-line, I’m building a new audience of young people and helping their parents have a little break from the insanity of confinement.”
Rick Mitchell Forecast from Home
Weather Ready
Team Viewer allows him to log into his graphics computer from home. He builds graphics and runs the computer from there and is using the Dejero app to go live.
Sally Mac Home Studio

When the TV room becomes the TV studio

KRIV Anchor Sally MacDonald co-anchors the morning newscast for the FOX Houston O&O from her new home studio which had been her family’s tv room.

Sally shared some tips on what she used and how the process worked:

“We downloaded LU-Lite and ops manager licensing.

You could use a web cam or if you want an external cam like we are using -you need a $100 ultra studio mini recorder adapter.

While I did not have a teleprompter, I relied on the rundown through my laptop. Shows were built where I said hello in boxes with the co-anchor and tossed to weather. I had 3-4 vo/sots in A blocks and would just advance stories on my laptop… adlib Intros and then read VOS. I followed along in the rundown and could adlib when on cam.

The other blocks were pretty easy – I was in boxes with my co-anchor tossing to pkgs or reporters or just switching off on VOs…”

Sally even had a live studio audience as her daughters watched mom at work!


3/18/20 Update

Story Ideas


Disinfecting your home if someone is sick: List from the CDC

Something to make you smile 🙂 – How people are staying positive during COVID-19 video from NowThis

3/17/20 Update


Mental Health and Coping during COVID-19: Advice from the CDC

Addiction recovery meetings have been interrupted: Article from The Poynter Institute


Story Ideas

  • Is there a run on computers and monitors for working at home and are stores/manufacturers making it easier on buyers to afford them?
  • ACT/SAT tests have been reschedule until the summer. How does this affect the college admissions process? Students?
  • Musicians who have had their concerts cancelled… bands with smaller gigs… are taking to FB and YouTube to have watch parties so they can still reach their fans.  Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene watch party